ERF Medien starts another radio channel

ERF Pop: Radio online

Wetzlar (ERF). On April 1st ERF Medien (Wetzlar) will start another radio channel in addition to ERF Radio and This new online radio programme, ERF Pop, is designed for people who enjoy listening to Christian radio while working at their computers. Contemporary Christian music and inspiring short stories will challenge young families throughout their day. The programme is also available intermittently via satellite throughout the day.

ERF Pop is to broadcast national and international Christian music for a 30 – 50 year old audience range. The new programme will reach people who have outgrown and who don’t normally listen to ERF Radio.

The flagship of ERF Pop will be the morning show, “Der Morgen”, airing 7 - 10 a.m. That series will also be broadcast on the new channel, ERF Eins (ERF one), by ERF Medien. Throughout these 3 hours, world news, weather reports, spiritual truth, daily prayers and information about the Christian community will play at various times. The focus of ERF Pop will be on articles, statements on current events and general information helpful to both families and singles.

Churches, Christian schools, day-care nurseries and civic clubs will be highlighted. Right from the start, ERF Pop will also feature portraits of believers in Christ and how faith in Him has changed their lives.

On March 1st the new TV-and-radio channel combo, ERF Eins will begin broadcasting 24-hour programming. The TV programme channel there will be augmented by 3 radio channels, one of which will be ERF Pop (between 7 - 10 a.m.).

ERF Pop can be received online at In addition, the morning show will air via ASTRA digital.


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