ERF Medien, Germany, starting 24-hour TV broadcasts on March 1st.

ERF to combine its TV and radio programming onto a single outlet

Wetzlar (ERF) On 1st March ERF Medien (Wetzlar, Germany) will start broadcasting 24 hours per day via its new combined TV and radio channel, ERF eins (‘ERF one’).

“In Germany, commercial TV started 25 years ago and ERF was there right from the start. And now, 50 years after ERF was founded, another milestone has been reached, in the form of our own combination TV/radio channel,” says ERF-spokesman Michael vom Ende.


The new channel will combine existing programmes with new ones. Viewers will enjoy magazine formats, talk shows, documentary programs, movies and children’s programming, all conveying Christian content. Sunday church services will also be broadcast regularly on ERF eins. Music and literary programs, additional talk shows, and special Bible discussion programs are now in production for the new TV channel.

Each night, ERF will supply a special program for its non-German speaking audiences. For starters, the “Jesus”-film will be aired nightly between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., and this in 21 different languages in rotating fashion.

From 29th March to 5th April, each evening from 7.30-10:00 p.m., the evangelistic event “ProChrist” will be telecast from eastern Germany’s Chemnitz-Arena throughout Europe, into many hundreds of special venues running local outreaches, as well as on ERF eins.

Thanks to digital technology, for the first time ERF’s TV and radio programming are being located onto a single program channel, with multiple sound carriers. There, ERF eins will broadcast three radio programs (completely or in parts): the tried and tested “ERF Radio”; “Life Channel” in Swiss German; and the new program, “ERF Pop”.

ERF eins is broadcast via ASTRA Digital on 12.460 GHz horizontal, as well as over the Internet ( There is also a plan to gradually get the programming onto more and more digital cable networks.

As from 1st March, 2009, ERF will also broadcast 30 minutes each Monday to Friday, via the nationwide movie channel, “Das Vierte”; this in addition to the Saturday a.m. slot it has maintained for several years. This major channel is received by 30 million households thoughout Germany.

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