First Christian quiz-show for children on German TV

Evangeliums-Rundfunk to launch "JoeMax.TV" in early February

Wetzlar. Germany's first Christian quiz-show for children will premiere in early February. The weekly programme "JoeMax.TV" will start airing Feb. 3, 2007 at 6 pm. The show will be presented within the "UnsERFeierabend" programme track on 'Bibel TV' via satellite and digital cable TV. The shows will feature two school in competition, with questions comprising sports, animals, Bible and general knowledge. Three pupils from each class will stand on stage behind a podium, with the remaining class members serving as TV studio audience cheering on their respective teams. The audience will also be allowed to answer some of the questions. There will be a game called "Mr. X" in each show where the children will need to identify a person from the Bible. The teams will also be collecting money 'points' for the benefit of the children's emergency fund called "Project Samuel", an outreach of ERF and its international partner, Trans World Radio. The show will be presented by Reiner Strassheim, well known in Germany for his children's shows in schools, churches and other special events for children.

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