Christian World Cup TV Studio broadcasts live from Evangeliums-Rundfunk in Wetzlar

Daily spiritual testimonies from Christian soccer players in 19 languages

Wetzlar (lo). For the first time, Evangeliums-Rundfunk (ERF) in Wetzlar is playing an active part during the Soccer World Cup, broadcasting live TV programs from ERF´s 'World Cup Studio' via satellite and cable. The broadcast campaign, "A time to make friends," runs June 9 - July 9, is being produced by ERF in cooperation with the Christian cooperative network, "kickoff2006".

In the run-up to twelve pre-selected games, ERF's TV studio in Wetzlar will produce and broadcast a live 30-minute special soccer 'warm-up' program on each occasion, with sports-celebrity studio guests. One hour before the official kick-off time in the relevant stadium, ERF´s TV program can be watched live on "BibelTV" and in more than 1,200 "kickoff2006" meeting-hall venues all over Germany.

The former Brazilian soccer player Jorginho, who played in the Brazilian national team and also in the German National League, participates in the TV program as an expert, commenting on games and players during each live program.

On another front, "More than soccer!" is the topic of the daily short messages with spiritual testimonies of Christian soccer players, which ERF is producing especially for the World Cup, from June 9 through to July 9.

By dialing 0049 (0)6441 957555-00, callers can choose between 19 languages in  order to listen to a new message each day of the World Cup. In the 3-minute clips, prominent soccer players like Ze Roberto, Cacao, Du-Ri Cha, Paulo Sergio and Jorginho share from their personal lives, and of how faith in Christ is the most essential part of life for them.

The messages are available not only in German but also in English, Russian, Croatian, Turkish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Amharian, French, Arabian, Persian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Kurmanji.

Since the June 9th start of the World Cup, more than 200 people have been phoning in daily to listen to these inspirational messages.

The daily messages are also available on the Internet at which is part of ERF´s internet portal.

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