Viewers call “Thank God!” the best programme on regional TV

ERF TV receives two awards for “Thank God!”

The programme “Gott sei Dank!” (“Thank God!”), produced by the Evangeliums-Rundfunk (ERF) in Wetzlar, received not only one but two awards at the German Regional TV Award 2006 (“Deutsche Regionalfernsehpreis 2006”) in Barleben near Magdeburg. Ingo Marx, assistant head of TV editorial at ERF, and editorially responsible for “Thank God!”, accepted the “Viewers’ TV Award” (“Zuschauerfernsehpreis”). Christel Hahne, spokeswoman of the viewers’ jury pointed out that they had chosen the programme that was considered most relevant to the viewers’ own lives. Besides the editorial achievements, director Carsten Meier’s studio design was also recognised.
Editor Susanne Hohmeyer-Lichtblau received an award for her short programme piece, “Diagnosis Cancer” (“Diagnose Krebs”), that had been aired on “Thank God!” The secular jury said the main reason for awarding “Diagnosis Cancer” as the “best programme under six minutes” was the excellent dramaturgy of the film and cameraman Andreas Lehmann’s good camera work. Producer Susanne Hohmeyer-Lichtblau dedicated the award to Sabine Mess, who was portrayed in the programme. Sabine has suffered from bone cancer since her youth but nevertheless is strong in her faith and enjoys life.
“That shows us that we are on the right track with our clear Christian orientation”, says ERF TV’s editorial chief Stefan Loß.
Last year “Thank God!” presenter Doro Wiebe received an award. This year, the ERF TV department was therefore especially glad that the content of the show was awarded.
“Thank God!” was originally produced for the regional TV broadcaster rheinmaintv in 2004 and is now aired on many other stations such as FAB (Fernsehen aus Berlin), and Germany’s 24-7 Christian channel, Bibel-TV.

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