ERF Radio has successfully begun broadcasting nationally on DAB+

ERF: Digital Radio is replacing medium wave radio

Wetzlar (ERF). On August 1, ERF Medien (Wetzlar) began successfully broadcasting one of its three radio programs on the nationwide terrestrial digital radio DAB+. The chairman of the board, Jürgen Werth, said that this is an important moment in the 52-year history of ERF. “In Germany a new digital transmission for radio is being established, and ERF is in on it at the very beginning.”


Hartmut Diehl, Technics and Marketing Board member, remarked that with DAB+, ERF now has an instrument that does not have the drawbacks of medium wave radio. ERF can now be received across most of Germany in better quality and around the clock. Medium wave radio could be heard during the day only in a limited area. Not until evening hours could more people receive it. DAB+ also means that differences in the quality of reception have been eliminated.


ERF will discontinue its broadcasting on medium wave radio by the end of the year. Since August 1 the medium-wave program is being broadcast only in the mornings from 6-10am from Mainflingen near Frankfurt. ERF radio, which will be known by ERF Plus after September 1, will continue to be broadcast over satellite, cable and on the internet (


The multiplex named Media-Broadcast is currently broadcasting 11 further programs in addition to ERF. 27 transmitters are currently broadcasting DAB+ programs which can be received by approximately 53 million residents in Germany. By the end of 2014, 110 additional transmitters will be added to the network, so that all Germans are able to listen by DAB+.

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