ERF Medien „Good news“ via radio, TV and the Internet

ERF Medien is a Christian media broadcasting company that offers programming aimed toward young and old alike; the healthy and sick; Christians and non-Christians; women and men. Founded in 1959, ERF was one of the first private broadcasters in Germany to spread the Gospel through the media - first by radio, and then also on TV and over the internet. Today, a staff of 180 work to achieve the mission of ERF through a wide variety of journalistic endeavors. A new ERF mission statement issued in 2013 proclaims: ‘It is our deepest desire that people come to know God and have their lives transformed by Him. We seek out the best forms of media available for this purpose.’

Funded almost entirely through donations, ERF has an annual budget of approximately 14.5 million Euros. In 2001, a foundation was established to further financially support the ministry. ERF is the media partner of various denominations in Germany, including the Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Free Churches, and many others.


ERF was founded in 1959 and made its first radio broadcast in 1961. ERF Medien stays in close contact with its listeners, viewers of its TV programming, and its internet users. Hundreds of calls, emails, faxes and letters reach its headquarters after each broadcast. ERF puts a strong emphasis on service and each enquiry is answered personally. ERF offers information about its programs, like tips about literature and contacts to churches, counselors, help centers, and therapists. ERF radio listeners and TV viewers send in personal questions about their lives, and each of these enquiries receives a competent and confidential answer. ERF has a Germany-wide network of counselors available for its listeners, TV viewers, and internet users alike - something greatly appreciated by them.

Our TV formats

ERF Medien produces various TV programs and shows that can be seen online in the ERF Mediathek, on TV networks like ANIXE, BibleTV, and more than 25 other regional networks. Some of these programs are also available on social media like YouTube and Facebook. Our programming includes talk shows, church services, documentations, children’s programs, and others.

ERF MenschGott Studio
ERF MenschGott (Foto: ERF Medien)


Gott sei Dank Studio
Gott sei Dank (Foto: ERF Medien)


ERF MenschGott is a talk show where guests talk about their encounters with God. Some of the stories are breathtaking and spectacular. Other more quiet and calm. But all of them are deeply touching, encouraging, and give hope for our own lives. „Gott sei Dank“ is a talk/news show with interesting guests, good music, and entertaining clips. As the title suggests, the show is about people with various reasons to “thank God.” On each Sunday, we record and broadcast church services from various locations around Germany, so that viewers are able to enjoy Christian fellowship and spiritual refreshing in their own homes. 

Our radio programs

ERF Media offers two radio programs. ERF Plus features a wide variety of programming, from Bach chorales, early morning devotionals, current affairs magazine programs, call-in shows, to modern Christian pop music. Over 1,000 volunteer writers contribute to the programming content.

ERF Plus Logo
ERF Plus (Foto: ERF Medien)


ERF Plus broadcasts via ASTRA Satellite using analog and digital signals, and also via cable networks in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria (Munich), Southern Hessen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Thuringia, and Saxony. Since 2011, ERF Plus is also available over the DAB+ digital audio broadcast system. In addition, programs can be received via smartphone app.

ERF Pop Logo
ERF Pop (Foto: ERF Medien)

Since April of 2009, ERF Pop is available via ASTRA satellite and on the web, playing music and content for young adults. In addition, ERF Pop can be received via smartphone app

Our online services

No other media has found a place into everyday life as quickly as the Internet. It is a unique medium for challenging listeners to consider faith issues, helping them grow in their faith, and connecting Christians. The internet portal is a prime example, where ERF Medien presents daily, up-to-date and true-to-life inspiration, in addition to the livestreams mentioned above and their corresponding media centers.

ERF Workshops
ERF Workshops (Foto:


On ERF seeks to make the Christian faith known and understandable to our contemporary society in interactive ways. Specially educated E-Coaches guide participants through online workshops and answer questions regarding the online texts, addressing a wide variety of practical life and theological issues.  Additionally, it is engaged through social media and offers mobile application tools. (Foto: ERF Medien)

On our internet site the Bible is available for everyone. There, you can find the most popular Bible translations in 22 different languages for reading and research. Due to simple navigation, passages and words can be easily found. Up to five different translations can be compared at once using the compare function. You can jot down your most important thoughts about Bible passages on the website with the notes function. Verses can be compiled into a reference collection for various subject headings.


ERF GlobalHope

ERF GlobalHope (Foto: Annie Spratt /
ERF GlobalHope (Foto: Annie Spratt /


ERF Medien also supports the global ministry of its international Partner, TWR, in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe and offers projects and information for migrants in Germany. For more information on ERF’s worldwide and cross-cultural engagement, see ERF GlobalHope.


Welcome App
Welcome App (Foto: SCM Hänssler | ERF Medien)

As a special service to migrants and refugees in Germany, ERF offers the “Welcome” project. “Welcome – what Christians believe is a combination of booklet and app that Christians can use to communicate the basics of the Christian faith when interacting with migrants and refugees. The “Welcome” project has been prepared in a respectful and engaging manner, designed specifically for people with a culturally Islamic background. 


ERF ANTENNE (Foto: ERF Medien)


ERF’s bi-monthly magazine “ERF ANTENNE” has a circulation of over 120,000 copies, and is available in Germany free of any charge.

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